Friday, September 20, 2013

chemo day #1

Today they started the first dose of chemo. Lots of new things to be aware of and things to look for.
The nurses are training us on blood counts and all the various things to look for as Beckham goes through the process.
Beckham is doing pretty good considering he's on about a 4 foot leash with these tubs attached to his chest.
Beckham was super exited his grandma and grandpa can up to hang out with him

Beckham also found out that Spider-Man is staying across the hall from him.
He's a 4 year old boy that's going through cancer treatment, super cute boy that has lost all of his hair. He's obsessed with Spider-Man and has a full Spider-Man suit he wears around in his room (mask and all)
Beckham caught a few glimpses of him earlier today.
After mom left to go back home he was really upset. All he wanted was to see Spider-Man. As we looked out the door window across the hall the nurses noticed and went in to let Spider-Man know he was needed. Like a true super hero his suit was already on, he just had to slip on the mask. Both looking out the windows in their doors they waved to each other for about 5 minutes.
These kids are great:)

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  1. There is a lady here in Washington that started something called "super capes for super heros" (I believe that's the name) and she makes super hero capes for children that are sick. Cus lets face it, those kids are truly our HEROS! Anyways, she can do themes (Spiderman, Batman, hulk, ect) lol I know hulk has no cape, but she uses color themes ect. Then she puts the Childs name on it and so on. The wait list I've heard is pretty crazy, but I have a couple strings I might be able to TANK HARD (lol), so I was wondering if I can pull it of what he would like.. If I had to guess I'd say, Spidey. But figured I'd ask seeing as the Childers wing has one already. Wouldn't want to step on any comicbook super hero toes ;-) maybe I can pull off a cape for his little friend too! Spiderman brave boy duo

  2. How awesome are those two little studs!!! Both heroes in my book. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts sent your way!