Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Tests

Today the Beckham had a Bone Test done. He had to be sedated again so he wasn't able to eat or drink this morning. We checked into the lab at Primary Children's at 11 with the test scheduled for 1.
He didn't want to get out of the car when he realized we were pulling up to the hospital. We were a little early so we told him that we could go check out the Spider-Man statue if he wanted. That got him moving.

They had to put in an Iv, today Beckham wasn't going to let them do it. He's had enough of these nurses putting needles into his hands. I held him in my lap very tight.
I'm glad he forgave me for holding him down. 15 minutes later we all was forgotten as we played with the play dough the nurses had given to him.
They explained that the bone scan measures the amount of blood that is being sent to various parts of the bone. Typically the growth plates are where most of the blood is at. They look for areas of bone that have more blood activity than normal.
The test went well.
We'll be back tomorrow at 8:30 for another test

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