Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This morning up at Primary Childrens Me and a nurse struggled hard to wipe Beckham down and dress him in hospital pajamas to get ready for his surgery. When he doesn't want do do something he can be as stubborn as they come. He was sobbing it was so sad. When the nurse left he was exhausted and full of tears. And kept saying he didn't like his pajamas. I held him and asked if we could say a prayer to ask if Jesus could watch over him, he said yes and we said a prayer. Beckham said amen and was allot more calm.
Right before we took him in, the anesthesiologist gave him some medicine in his "tubie" he relaxed noticeably. As I carried him down the hall I so wanted him to fall asleep because I know they won't let me past a certain point. He didn't and I had to hand a crying Beckham off to a nurse. A part of me wanted go grab him and run. All I can do is wait and pray...

...They just called me and said they got out all of the tumor and are patching him up. Also, it went allot better than they thought it would. This type of surgery normally takes 2-8 hours and they were done in a little over an hour.
I am crying Thank you so much Heavenly Father

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Round 5

Round 5 ended up starting on New Year's Eve. We started the day off in clinic to get Beckham nice and hydrated.

Beckham loved little in this chair, especially with the curtain. I wish I had a picture of him taking the curtain and wrapping it around the chair to make a fort!

Another sleeping picture!

The chemo meds that he had his time around were the same as round 3. Round 3 was a total beast too. He was so sick and his energy was gone. This time around we decided to give him more anti nausea medicine to hope that we could have a better handle on it and allow him to mainly be more comfortable. It definitely was a success. He wasn't as sick to his stomach as before. All the anti-nausea meds made his very moody and bounce off the walls. I rather have it that way then him constantly sick though.

Beckham loves making forts any chance he can.

Music therapy!!!! Beckham did not want these ladies to leave. They were amazing...had great voices and fun instruments and really got him engaged in the music. This is something we will do every time we are inpatient now!!!

We were able to escape the room a couple times. They have a little play area for the healthy kids that want to get out of the room. Beckham was so excited to have he little field trip.

Have you seen Calliou? Beckham loves this show. The last time we watched this show together he turned to me and said, "Mom...he is just like me!" I asked him what he meant and he was like, "He has a bald head just like me!!!" He bopped himself on the head as he said that too. I know it's odd to be thankful for a show, but I love that there is a show that appears to be Beckham's age and had a bald head just like him. Beckham doesn't usually comment about his hair being gone. When he does he seems to be a little sad that it still hasn't grown yet.

After 4 days in the hospital we headed home. Beckham had a good amount of energy and was still eating a decent amount.

A few days later we ended up back at the clinic for a blood transfusion. This is a normal thing though. Chemo tends to drop everything and transfusions are more of a normal thing now. Beckham had the beginnings of a fever and stopped eating altogether.

They ended up admitting us. I wasn't surprised by this since if a child is neutropenic and has a slight fever they end up having to stay. Beckham wasn't too happy about this. I think this picture shows more of his annoyance that his mom is always taking pictures of him. :)

Since he wasn't eating the doctors thought it was best to put in a feeding tube. Even though this is not the funnest thing in the world for Beckham, I think it definitely a great thing for now. He is on a slow feed and we are all hoping that it helps bring back his appetite.

Heading home!!!! Since being home Beckham has started to eat a little more. I'll take any progress we can get! His counts are still pretty low, but it's cold out anyway so we don't mind staying in watching movies. :)


The holidays ended up being wonderful for us. Beckham was able to start treatment after Christmas. His counts were higher so we were able to get out of the house. :) I want to say another big THANK YOU to all of you that are thinking of us. We got a few surprises on our door step. We definitely know some amazing people.

This was Beckham on Christmas morning. We were able to stay at grandma's house and I think he was one of the last to wake up.

Opening presents!

Thank you to Bloggers Give Back!!!

Beckham got a Spider-Man surprise on the from door. He has been living in his Spider-Man gear!!

Thank you to whoever collected this for us! What a nice surprise!!!

Before his 5th round of chemo we were able to go up to Salt Lake to look at the lights and wander around City Creek! (Beckham loves scarves and insists on wearing mine all the time!)