Friday, September 13, 2013

Tests Confirmed

Yesterday after hearing the findings from the Bone Marrow scan the following day and the CT scan performed earlier. Both of which confirmed the earlier prognosis.
This is real. Earlier I thought that there must be Cancer but not to much. Now they have seen it in the cells and in his back chest and head.
I asked Dr Fair if the cancer would effect Beckham's eye sight. He said No. Once the chemo treatments begin to take effect the tumor will shrink back and by the end disappear.
They most likely will do a bone marrow transplant. Which seems like a radical surgery but in reality it's about as basic as injecting mainline i v.
He explained that after about 2 chemo treatments, at the point when Beckham's bone marrow has been battered by chemo but still alive and the cancer almost gone. At that point they will extract a portion of the marrow using a needle. This is done to save a small portion before it is completely wiped out by the final treatments of chemo.
Once the cancer cells are no longer active in Beckham his own marrow is injected back into different areas and it will then quickly grow back to normal levels.
Dr Fair delivered this news in the best and most gentle way possible. I really am impressed with the Doctors and Nurses at Primary Children's. I have noticed the hospitals mission statement posted in different locations around the hospital. A portion of it states that "It is all about the Kids". I really do believe that they live up to their commitment.
In closing with Dr Fair, Sarah made a comment that I myself had been thinking. To Dr Fair, She mentioned that it must be so heartbreaking to work with sweet children with such problems.
He responded that it was his joy to work with these children because most of them he is able in part to bring back to full health.
He said this in the most positive way.
Remembering what he said gives me the confidence that Beckham can beat this.
With the help of Doctors, Nurses, Family and Friends and most importantly our Heavenly Father Beckham and our family will be able to overcome this experience.

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  1. We are fasting with you on Sunday and you and your family are constantly in our prayers... Matt, Leeanne, Joshua, Amanda Clegg