Friday, September 20, 2013

Checked in

Today we checked Beckham in at 10am he was scheduled to get an Eco-cardiogram and a small surgery.
As we got close to the hospital Beckham realized where we were going and started to cry. Saying it was "baby's turn". Meaning Navy. I felt bad:(
Beckham was hungry again because of the surgery he can't eat until after he's done. He kept asking for snacks. Me and Sarah had to explain that he could eat after his tests and then help him by changing the subject and getting him involved in something else.
The Eco was an easy test that lasted about 45 minutes. Beckham just had to lay there in the semi dark and watch a movie while the nurse rubbed a little sensor (massage ball) on his chest.

After the Eco we played around in one of the play rooms set up for the kids. Beckham loves the toys.
The surgery was putting in a central line. A central line is an Iv that is meant to be more permanent. Because the veins on the hand are so small the Iv's don't last more than a couple days. And because chemo requires allot of medication they need something more permanent. The type of central line that they Installed is called a Broviac.
They inserted 2 small tubes about the middle of Beckham's chest, then ran the tubes under the skin up the left pec and around the collar bone and then down into his heart.
On the end of the tubes sticking out his chest there is 2 fittings that the doctors and nurses can attach the Iv tubes.
After the surgery Beckham checked in to a room where he'll be for the next 5-6 days while they start him on his first cycle if chemo.
That will start tomorrow.
It's was a tough day. It's hard seeing Beckham go through this, he is such a brave boy we love him so much.
Sarah is staying with him this first night.

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  1. I just can't believe your little one is going through this. I have been thinking of you guys constantly. I will be praying for you guys often. Thank you for updating your blog so we can know how you are all doing. Much love!

  2. Hoping and praying for him -- especially on the first day of his first cycle of chemo