Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept 11 2013

Our little family received life changing news from a doctor at Primary Children's Hospital. In a small waiting room on the 4th floor in the Oncology Department. We were given the news that we had prayed and hoped that we would never hear.

We were gently told that after the blood tests, a urine test and a physical exam. The specialists and doctors were certain that Beckham did indeed have cancer. Their prognosis was that the cancer had advanced to a stage 4 and had most likely spread to the bone marrow and other parts of the body.
Its hard to describe the feelings a parent feels when you are given this sort of news about your child. Its like its not real and this must be a dream or a mistake. Beckham is fine, what are you talking about? Should I have even come here? Can we go home and pretend this never happened? Wait this isn't really happening.
Once the initial words had a minute to soak in the doctor softly moved forward in saying that he was certain that he was able to feel a tumor near Beckham's spleen when he did the physical exam earlier that morning, and that they were sure that there was cancer around Beckham's eyes and that is what has caused the dark circles.
My thoughts, Oh no... why are you telling me this? Cant you be positive? How can that be? Why are you saying that? No...Oh no...
The doctor then explained that they still needed to perform more tests to collect more data to really know how to put together a proper plan for treatment. By additional testing they will know exactly how extensive the cancer has spread and where it had spread to. This would take at least 3 more scans. The first of which would be tomorrow and 10am (thursday 9/12) a CT scan.
We are confident that Beckham will beat the Cancer. The doctors are all very impressed with his strength and energy. He has been so brave and co-operative thru all the tests. When the nurses come in the room to take his blood or to insert an IV he knows what is coming and does cry a little and say he doesn't like this, but he doesn't pull his arm away. He will let the nurse take his little arm and poke without even moving a muscle to resist. He will just cling to mommy or daddy and cry.
It broke my heart when Sarah told me about the 2nd time she went back to get another blood test at the Orem Hospital. When Beckham realized that they were going back to the hospital he began to cry and through his sobs said "oh know... this is a bad place" Even though he was scared he still let the nurses take the blood because mommy was there for him to hold on to.
What a brave boy.

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