Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Any ideas?

It looks like this little super hero of mine is going to have to stay in for Halloween this year. He is severely neutropenic still, as of Monday. :( His counts are expected to rise each day, but I don't think they will be at a level where they are high enough to be out and about. (I could be wrong though!) Here is my question though....any fun Halloween ideas...activities, shows, crafts, games, etc. I want to make it a fun day for him. Any suggestions are welcome!!!

Thank you!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Round 2

Round 2 of chemo went really really well. His appetite didn't go down much and he drank plenty of fluids!!!! It's funny how much wet diapers and eating pb&j sandwiches are so exciting. (Yes, he is still in diapers for now. We were potty training when we found out about Beckham's diagnosis.)
Beckham has had tons of energy through this treatment as well. They want you to try and get your child out of bed at least 3 times a day while at the hospital and I think we was out of his bed the majority of the time.
Beckham does still have a limp. :( He has pain in his right leg when he walks and his joints are very tender. It's very hard to see him walk around. He manages well though and being the tough guy he is always tells me, "I'm good mommy." They tell us it could be a number of things...chemo...cancer or the medications he's taking.

FaceTime with his sister!

Arts and crafts!


Train whistle surprise while watching Thomas...thanks Krystal!!!!

Navy visiting...the pop machine stopped her in her tracks though. She could understand why it wasn't giving her juice.

Oh...how I wish I could of gotten this recorded. The doctors were in checking him over and discussing treatments. He wasn't the happiest with them being there. After they left he got a very serious look on his face and starting punching his fist into his hand. It made me laugh out loud and he just turned and smiled at me. (Where does he learn this stuff?)

Leaving the hospital!!! Round 2....check!!!

Feeling well enough to play in a special play corner they have for the kids. :)

Helping Dad paint!!!

He is my little climber!!!

"Look mom...take a picture of me! I'm a monkey!!! Eeee! Eeee!"


Beckham shaving his daddy's head. He absolutely loved helping out. Afterwards we shaved his head...this was little over a week after his first treatment was done. I would touch his head and hair would just come out out in my hands. He is a cute little bald boy now though. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our day

Facetiming with Navy! These two absolutely adore each other!

Craft time! He loves painting!!!

Eating...but, not this! Gross!

Chemo....round 2, day 2

Fun surprises!

Overall, today was a good day. The evening was a little rough when Beckham started experiencing a lot of pain in his left leg, but we had a fun day together none the less.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Round 2

Checked Beckham in this morning to Primary Children's. Mixed emotions taking him in. I know that he needs this treatment but it's hard to take him in because I know how hard this is on him.
So grateful that Beckham's in a good mood today. He put on his shoes and mask without any complaints, and the initial look over by the nurses went well. He's getting familiar with the routine.
A real pro

grandmas blanket, orange juice & scooby do. ready to go...

back on the short leash

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Location:N Mario Capecchi Dr,Salt Lake City,United States

He's my son

Here I am wide awake when I should be sleeping.  It's my turn to wake up at 3am to give  Beckham his meds and it's 1230am.  I give them to him through his central line and it takes about a half hour for the meds to empty and then back to bed I go....anyway...
I have a lot of my mind right now.  Beckham goes back to the hospital tomorrow for round 2 of chemo.   I am nervous for him.  I am hoping the chemo goes easy on him again.  He didn't seem to get too sick last time.  I'm sad that the rest of his hair will probably fall out.  He has already lost most of it, but the little peach fuzz he has left on his head are in a way are the last bits of what "normal" was for me.  I don't even know if that makes any sense.  :/  I am worried about Beckham's leg.  The last couple weeks he has been limping around.  Sometimes he just stops and asks me to carry him.  It breaks my heart to watch him hobble around.  When will life be normal?
Last week someone in a Facebook group that I am in, for Utah cancer moms, posted about this song.  It  seems to hit perfectly how we are feeling in my house right now.  The musician wrote it for a couple he knew whose son had leukemia.  I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

The night baker

Have any of you heard of this blog? It's www.millathenightbaker.blogspot.com.
If you haven't yet, you should. She is an amazing young woman who whole heartedly details he battle with an eating disorder. She has a passion for baking and finds it therapeutic. (Camilla, I hope I'm explaining correctly.) This thoughtful woman is holding cookie auctions every Tuesday and Thursday. You simply go to her blog and you can bid. The winner gets their choice of cookies. I haven't tried them yet, but I have heard they are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. She is doing this just for the month of October. Please head on over to:


Monday, October 7, 2013

Beckham's Battle Bracelets

Women's Size

Men's Size

The above 4 are all kid's sizes.

My dear friends Justin and Amanda are making these bracelets for my little boy. They are $5 each and all profits go towards Beckham's battle with cancer. If you you would like to order email beatitbeckham@gmail.com and let them know what you would like. You can purchase on Etsy as well. They are a little more on there because of fees and such. That website is www.etsy.com/shop/beckhamsbattle


Saturday, September 3rd, I found myself driving back up to the hospital. Beckham had a rough night and that morning had a fever. I called into Primary Children's and they said bring him in ASAP.
When I arrived I headed to the ER where they told me he had a fever of 104.5!!! Which kind of freaks me out. This little boy of mine never really had fevers before all of this started happening.
So, to keep it all short. Beckham had some bacterial infection in his blood and a cold. He had fevers the first few days in the hospital. He had three red blood cell transfusions and three platelet transfusions. We were discharged last Thursday, October 3rd. Beckham has had high energy and seemed like himself since being home.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Being Positive

When bad/hard/frustrating things have happened in my life in the past I have always asked myself. What can I get out of this? What have I learned? Now, I'm not going to pretend that I don't get upset and I'm all positive from the get go. That's not real. I guess it's more of a mind shift.
Since the news of Beckham's cancer I noticed one particular change in me. I am more attentive to those around me, particularly my children. On a regular day it is so easy to rush through the day. I know that I will tell Beckham or Navy to hold on, say just one minute or maybe later. What am I really doing in those moments that is so important?
Honestly, nothing that I can justify is more special then my two kiddos. I find that I am listening to Navy more. She is growing up so fast. She talks so much now and has so many questions for me. She loves cuddles and kisses and stories and spending time with me. Beckham is so curious too. He always wants to know what I am doing and why. He is my little buddy. He always wants to help.
I guess my advice to anyone reading this, and to myself...give your kids an extra squeeze, talk with them a little more, spend more time with them, tell them how proud you are of them and how much you care. Tell your friends and other family members the same. Slow down in life and enjoy the little things. There is always going to be a list. There is always something that has to be done. What's most important?
You never know what life is going to bring you. You don't know! Everything can change in a day. So, what have I learned in this situation, what is the positive???
I am learning to appreciate each day. Never waste a moment. Take time for what is really most important. (And now I'm rambling on...you get the point I'm sure.) :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


How cute is Beckham's class! He misses going to school and getting this picture today sure made his smile.

Beckham wanted to say "hi guys!"