Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend update

I think it's about time to buy some of they come in a 4T? Obviously, I'm joking, but seriously...
What a weekend...
Early Saturday morning Beckham woke up crying. His belly hurt and he felt warm. I took his temperature and it was only at 99F. So, I calmed him down and put him back to sleep. He woke up a couple more times with the same complaints. I brought him in my room and took his temperature. This time it was 100.8. We are suppose to call in when it gets to 100.4 for over an hour. They recommended I bring him right in and to not bother with the local hospital. Up to Primary's we went.
Beckham is still up there. He could be up there anywhere from 3-10 more days. It all depends on how his body responds to the antibiotics. He has had a fever since Saturday. They are managing it, but it spikes every now and then. It has gotten up to 104.5!!!
The docs say he has a cold and a bacterial infection in his blood. They say that this isn't uncommon, especially since his white blood cell count is severely low. Beckham's red blood cells and platelets were low too. He has a few transfusions to help with that.
Since the transfusions, Beckham has a lot more energy. He didn't want to move before. Now, he is laughing, sitting up and just talking to anyone in his room.
It's so hard to see you baby sick. He is getting better though. Hope to be back home soon!


  1. Oh man!! What a long, exhausting, and emotional weekend for you Sarah ! I am so so so sorry that you are going through this. I am glad it seems like he is getting great care at the hospital. What a sweet little man he is. You are being such a great, assertive, and loving mommy. I know you and Brian must be exhausted, I hope you are getting some rest somehow. Pleas know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I had a special fast for Beckham on Sunday and just had the sweetest feeling in my heart all day. It was the first Sunday in a long time that I have actually been in a good mood by the time I wrested my kids for 3 hours of church and came home :) Please continue to stay strong and I know that Beckham seems to be a fighter :) xoxo-Michelle

  2. Sarah and Brian, I am Scott Glasser's mom, don't know if you remember me or not. I wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for Beckham, you two and your daughter. This affects the whole family and I know this from experience. We had a daughter who was two years younger than Scott, and she spent a lot of time at Children's Hospital in Seattle. Please know that there are people who are praying for your family and for your family's strength. Please take care of yourself!