Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Any ideas?

It looks like this little super hero of mine is going to have to stay in for Halloween this year. He is severely neutropenic still, as of Monday. :( His counts are expected to rise each day, but I don't think they will be at a level where they are high enough to be out and about. (I could be wrong though!) Here is my question though....any fun Halloween ideas...activities, shows, crafts, games, etc. I want to make it a fun day for him. Any suggestions are welcome!!!

Thank you!!!


  1. What about having nurses or other parents do a sort of "reverse" trick or treat? Instead of the kids going from door to door, the nurses or other parents could go door to door to hand out candy (or other goodies like fruit snacks, juice boxes, jello, crayons, toys, etc). The kids would still have to say "trick or treat" though. Maybe he could paint a pumpkin. There is a halloween craft where you put white paint on a toddler's foot and have them step on black paper, and then turn the paper upside down and draw eyes (it makes a good ghost). You can do the same with black paint on the hands sideways (each way) and it makes a spider. You could also use crayons to trace the feet/hands and then color it, or cut it out of construction paper if paint would be too messy. There's also a "find the halloween character" craft where you make a haunted house out of construction paper and glue it on top of a bright (orange, green, yellow) piece of paper. The house should have windows and doors that "open" out like little doors instead of being cut out. Then you can paste little surpises in the doors and windows, so when you open a window, there's a jack-o-lantern, open a door and there's a ghost, etc. If that makes sense. Praying for Beckham!

  2. You could fill one of the pumpkins that you carry with little toys, like spider rings, bouncy balls, fake bugs or snakes, glow sticks, or other knick-knacks and present it to him in the morning to play with all day. I bet he'd be excited to see all the suprises in there!