Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Round 2

Round 2 of chemo went really really well. His appetite didn't go down much and he drank plenty of fluids!!!! It's funny how much wet diapers and eating pb&j sandwiches are so exciting. (Yes, he is still in diapers for now. We were potty training when we found out about Beckham's diagnosis.)
Beckham has had tons of energy through this treatment as well. They want you to try and get your child out of bed at least 3 times a day while at the hospital and I think we was out of his bed the majority of the time.
Beckham does still have a limp. :( He has pain in his right leg when he walks and his joints are very tender. It's very hard to see him walk around. He manages well though and being the tough guy he is always tells me, "I'm good mommy." They tell us it could be a number of things...chemo...cancer or the medications he's taking.

FaceTime with his sister!

Arts and crafts!


Train whistle surprise while watching Thomas...thanks Krystal!!!!

Navy visiting...the pop machine stopped her in her tracks though. She could understand why it wasn't giving her juice. I wish I could of gotten this recorded. The doctors were in checking him over and discussing treatments. He wasn't the happiest with them being there. After they left he got a very serious look on his face and starting punching his fist into his hand. It made me laugh out loud and he just turned and smiled at me. (Where does he learn this stuff?)

Leaving the hospital!!! Round 2....check!!!

Feeling well enough to play in a special play corner they have for the kids. :)

Helping Dad paint!!!

He is my little climber!!!

"Look mom...take a picture of me! I'm a monkey!!! Eeee! Eeee!"

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