Saturday, November 9, 2013


Before his hearing test!

One of his heroes! The one any only Spider-Man!!!

Waiting for his MRI

Sedated and ready to start!

Admitted and waiting for chemo to start up.

So, here we are ready to start round 3 of chemo. We are close to the two month mark of diagnosis. It's crazy to me how what is "normal" has changed so much since then. This week Beckham has had a hearing test, a MRI, MIBG scan and a bone marrow biopsy and aspirate. I am amazed that he is not going crazy. It has been a busy last few days.
So, you are probably wondering how his tests went! His hearing test was amazing. They told us he test above average. This made me so happy since the chemo he gets can damage his hearing. His scans went good as well. The amount of cancer in his body is less. This makes me very happy, but I am still one concerned mother.
I had many questions for his doctors this morning. Maybe I am weird, but I like to know what I am up against. I don't care if it is not what I want to hear. I want to know so I can mentally prepare myself.
Beckham has quite the road ahead of him. Neuroblastoma is a very aggressive cancer and the treatment he is getting is pretty intense. The odds are not totally in Beckham's favor and this terrifies me. If Beckham beats this monster, he is pretty much guaranteed to have some significant health issues. Ugh...more on that later.

Beckham is strong though! He is definitively a fighter!

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  1. You are ALSO a fighter Sarah! You are STRONG and you CAN DO THIS! Good job finding out all the info from the doctors. I'm like that, too. It's better to KNOW than to wonder -- even if it could be bad news. We have a poster we made for Beckham that we need to send. Also, Amanda composed a song for him which we recorded and now I just need to burn it on CD and send it your way..... It's a piano solo.
    We sure love you!