Monday, November 18, 2013

Round 3

Round 3 of chemo was a freaking beast. They prepped us pretty well. We were told multiple times that round 3 on his treatment plan is very rough on kids. The first couple days of treatment I thought maybe we were the lucky ones and we broke the norm. About day three of this round is when it all started. His appetite was zero and he would throw up from time to time. He still had some energy to move around and play. That didn't drop until when we got home.

During a round of chemo. Beckham is funny and likes his bed put up on both sides. He is like a little taco. Brian told me that he tried to put up just one side of the bed and make a big slide. It's crazy how high the beds can raise up. Haha. He definitely makes the nurses and doctors nervous with how active he is.

Playing Star Wars Operation.

Sorry if this picture is a little much. It's really sad for me to see this picture. He wants these pink buckets by his side all the time now.

Leaving the hospital! You can tell he is just exhausted. He is so over it and I do not blame him one bit.

Before we left we got a visit from Miss Bella and my friend Tiffany. It's so cute watching these two play. He ran up to her and they gave each other a little hug. His energy definitely perked up seeing her. They snacked on some Lucky Charms and Beckham was picking out the marshmallows and giving them to Bella. I think he may have a crush. :)

A family friend sent this cape to Beckham. I have to admit I was a little confused when I saw the "R" on the back. After reading the card that went along with the cape it stated that the "R" stands for RECNAC. It is cancer spelled backwards. They explained that in their home, when their mother had cancer, they found it less scary and almost funny to use the work "RECNAC" instead. Beckham had wearing the cape around the house.

My sweet little boy. This picture breaks my heart. He looks like he is sleeping, but he is just laying there on the couch. Besides that first day home...he has been laying around. We have to carry him from
his bed to the couch. He doesn't want to move and you have to help him sit up. He has medicine to help with the nausea and pain but he has a hard time keeping anything in. We give him IV fluids at night to help him stay hydrated. I have been doing a lot of research on oils and such...I am hoping they are helping him some!!!!

The two pictures above are Beckham back up at clinic. Last Friday Beckham was still not eating and just seemed miserable. So, I had Brian take him up to Children's to have them look him over. They just sent us home more medicine to increase his appetite. I was a little frustrated with this since he has a really hard time taking meds right now. He has started to nibble a little more though and I'm really hoping that picks up so he does not have to get a feeding tube.


  1. I am so sorry it has been a rough round! We pray for his body to be strong everyday. I hope his appetite picks up soon. Try strawberries, he was loving them at my house. Love you guys!

  2. "And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up." James 5:15. I am praying for Beckham. I'm praying for his comfort, appetite, pain, strength, and joy. But most of all, I'm praying that he kicks RECNAC's SSA!