Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catching up!

First off I have to apologize that I haven't kept the blog updated very well. So much has been going on since out first visit to Sloan Kettering. Beckham has had two rounds of chemo and radiation. Round 7 of chemo was a total beast. It took him quite a while to recover counts (red blood, white blood and platelets). He had so many transfusions that I have lost count and luckily he only had one quick hospital stay.
After round 7 Beckham started radiation. This was just done to the spots in his head. He had a little over 2 weeks of daily (minus weekends) of radiation up at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. They have a special ray that dissipates once it hits tissue. This was somewhat of a relief knowing that it is not going to beam straight through his head. Beckham had to be sedated for each of these treatments though and he did not like that too much. Aside from that he did amazingly well. :)
Round 8 of chemo was out patient chemo. This round is known not to affect counts as much.

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